THE PROTOMEN (Lincoln Hall, 04/07/13)

On the page, it sounds like little more than a novelty: a band making concept albums based on the Mega Man universe (the NES universe, mind you – none of this X/Zero/Sigma business). I’m sure to some people, it *is* a novelty. But let me tell you something about those people: those people are not your friends. They gossip about you behind your back. They’ve got an unflattering nickname for you. They dislike your company; they also dislike Queen, and Queensrÿche, and Streets of Fire, and the Gilded Age Of 8-Bit Awesome, and everything great in life. They never have any fun. They’re sad inside. You’d do well to avoid them.

Crap…where was I? Oh yes. The Protomen. Anyways, they’re swell. They played a show in Chicago last night, and I was there.

The show was late in starting, apparently because the entire band was ill (although K.I.L.R.O.Y. assured us that they were not in fact “down with the sickness”, because that shit’s terrible). Yet you wouldn’t have gathered anything was wrong while watching them; the band was just as energetic, if not more so, than when I saw them open for I Fight Dragons back in December. The setlist was heavy on material from Act II: The Father of Death (seven of that album’s twelve songs were performed – although, disappointingly, Light Up The Night was not one of them). For the encore, the band performed a new song from the as-of-yet-un-subtitled Act III (which they assured us was coming this year, so hooray!), as well as Due Vendetta – because really, when else do you get a chance to scream “ELECMAN!!1!1!” at strangers? That’s right: only here, and on the bus that one time you drank too much coming back from C2E2. That’s when.

Oh, and I took some photos, too. Here they are:


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